Another Lovejoy Celebration

Sunday, my little boy, Paul, turned 7.  I love that kid.  He’s my little buddy.  There’s something special in the love between a mom and her son, just like there’s something unique in a father’s love for his little girl.  And, my bond with Paul is tight.

Sometimes, when we’re walking through a store, he’ll slip his hand into mine, and I’ll look down to see him smiling with an adoring grin….adorable, yes, but I mean adoring.  I can see the love in his sweet eyes.  Other times, I’ll feel him slide his arms around my waist and hear my favorite words, “Mommy, I love you.”  The other day, I was lamenting a bad hair moment.  Paul overheard my complaints and said, “Mom, I love your hair.  It’s perfect.  Everything about you is perfect.” (Yes, my heart melted.)

Now, he’s not always so loving and gentle.  Just the other night, he tackled me on the couch, and his dad had to rescue me.  Or, not long ago he felt my waist and said, “Oh, jiggly.” (Yes, I sent him to his room.)

But, maybe my favorite quality about Paul is not his sweet love or his boyish “rough and tumble.”  It’s his happiness.  He wakes up smiling, and he just doesn’t stop.  He loves making people laugh, and he finds the fun in everything.  There is something innate in his personality….something in his DNA…..that is just ebullient.  As a 7-year-old, that’s cute.  He keeps our family in stitches with his funny sayings and his bright outlook on life.  But, that happiness is going to help him long after his childhood.  The joy that God has gifted him with is going to be a blessing to him and to others for his whole life.  As he grows into a man of God, he won’t be as likely to depend on his circumstances to make him happy.  I’m thankful that my little boy exudes joy!  A positive outlook….a cheerful attitude….will give him a leg up in life in countless ways.

Happy birthday, Paul Lovejoy!  I’m inspired by your joy, and you are the smile in my heart.  I love you, little man.


4 thoughts on “Another Lovejoy Celebration

    • Sandy, you are so right. It seems like yesterday that I was peeling myself off the floor after I discovered I was pregnant for the third time. 7 years have flown by. I’m grabbing lots of cuddle time along the way!


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