Time To Huddle

Each Summer, the Life_Groups (LG) of Mountain Lake take a breather.  For a few weeks, we break the routine of meeting together since so many of us travel during the Summer months.  But, that’s not the only reason.  Our LG Leaders need a time to reenergize and refocus.  They invest much time and energy into their group members, and a few weeks off helps them recharge.  As a Leader, I certainly need time to refresh….they do, too.

Just before LG kicks off each Fall, our Leaders and our Pastors huddle together for a delicious meal, a locker room pep talk, and prayer.  Tonight, the first of three LG Leader Kick Off Events is taking place, and I cannot wait to spend some time with these friends who love Jesus, love MLC, and love the people God has brought to us.  We’ll laugh, share vacation stories, and reconnect.  Then, my husband and a few other Pastors will help us all understand our goals for this year.  And, we’ll pray – for our Leaders, for our members, for discipleship, for wisdom, and for unity.  Life_Groups without the power of the Holy Spirit are simply social gatherings…..and we can get that someplace else.  We need God, Himself, to pour Himself out on us, change hearts, and redeem lives.

The MLC Life_Group Leaders are getting ready for YOU!

Are you ready for Life_Group?

Don’t miss what God could do in your life as you connect with a group of friends and learn a little more about Him.  I am counting down the days to reconnect with mine!  Sign up on a communication card at church or contact our staff here.  It’s going to be a great Fall!

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