Cookies and Milk

Who doesn’t like cookies and milk?  Just the mention of it conjures up the smell of warm cookie dough baking in the oven….if it makes it that far!  My family often scarfs down the raw dough before I can bake it.  If I can manage to avoid their thievery, I’ll bake a batch and pour up the milk.  My daughter loves to dip her cookies in the white stuff.  Yum!

We are currently doing some renovations at MLC in our children’s and student’s environments, and many of our church members are volunteering their time to paint, saw, nail, and clean.  They are working so hard, and I’m so proud of our family pulling together to make our home better.

So, last night Kathryn Aylor (one of our Pastor’s wives), Marie Lindelli (my hubby’s Executive Assistant) and I treated the volunteers to cookies and milk last night.  We baked cookies, poured milk into small cups, and walked around our church treating each volunteer to something sweet.  Yep, that’s right we pretended to be Betty Crocker, Rachael Ray, and Martha Stewart, and it was a hit.  I hope the volunteers felt loved, because they certainly are.

Who needs some cookies and milk in your life?  Do you know someone who is doing a great job and deserves a treat?  Go for it!  Bake some cookies, write a note, send a public shout out, or give a hug.  Show some love, and let them know you’ve noticed their diligence.  I promise the blessing will be all yours!


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