Sunday Summaries: Friend Request

If you are on any of the popular social network sites, you probably have lots of friends.  Hundreds of them.  Maybe you’ve reached gold status, and you’ve broken the thousand mark.  Me?  I’m almost there, and I have a sick pride about it.  I love having LOTS of friends.  But, when I first created a Facebook profile, my plan was to only connect with my close friends….people I actually knew on some sort of intimate level.  Those first few weeks on FB hooked me.  I became totally addicted.  I created photo albums, sent flair buttons, read notes, and updated my status.  All.  Day.  Long.  I confirmed friends, and I watched the number grow.  I had a blast reconnecting with high school and college friends and had tons of back-and-forth banter with all of them.  The idea of keeping my FB page limited to a few close friends was quickly tossed out the window as I confirmed…..and confirmed……and confirmed.

Recently, I saw a commercial on TV that made me chuckle.  A thirty-something lady sitting at her dining room table with her laptop is explaining to the viewer that her retired parents really need to expose themselves to social networking so they can build relationships and have a life.  Meanwhile, a video rolls showing her parents mountain biking with real, live friends.  Do you relate, at all?  Do you enjoy social networking fun, but lack a depth of intimacy with people you can actually touch?  I bet you can relate.  I certainly can.  I love FB and Twitter, but all of us were created for deeper relationships than can be described in 140 characters or less.

This weekend, my husband kicked off a new message series called Friend Request.  The goal?  To learn how to have a friend, be a friend, and engage one another in healthy ways.  Why?  Because relationships are important to God.  Literally, God created us for relationships – with Him and with others.  Have you considered that His plan to redeem a lost world to Himself is dependent on relationships?  It is!  He is depending on His followers to build friendships with people who are disconnected from Him so they can win the lost to Himself.  I would say that’s important, wouldn’t you?

So, Shawn tackled a thought-provoking topic this weekend causing us all to consider whether or not we are reaching out to the people around us or if our relationships are all about us.

Your relationships are important.  Heaven is depending on them.  Watch this weekend’s message here, and see what God might say to you!


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