Sunday Summaries: This Is Only A Test wk 2

Weekends at Mountain Lake are consistently a treat for me.  From worship and teaching to mixing and mingling, I love that place.  This weekend was no different.  Well, it was a little different.  My hubby wasn’t there.  Although he travels quite a bit, he’s usually back in town for us to attend church together, but not this weekend.  Instead, the kids and I flew solo….uh, quadruple-o.

There was no sermon prep with my hubby.  No quiet conversations as we anticipated the service.  No private encouragement afterward.  No partner to stand with in the lobby.


Oh, but it was good.  I watched our Team interact with our people.  I watched them loving and caring.  I worshiped along with friends.  And, I heard a great message from a Godly man, John Shepherd.  He and his family hold a special place in my heart.  So, as I worshiped God, I forgot I was alone.  And, as I hugged necks in the lobby, I hugged for two.  And, as I checked on our various ministries, my heart was full.

Mountain Lake is a special place.  It’s my home.

So although I typically give you a summary of the message, today I wanted to give you a summary of my heart instead.  Still want to hear the message?  Good!  Click here to watch it for yourself.  You’ll be glad you did.


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