No, I’m not talking in code.  I’m announcing my plans for tonight. 

Pastors’ Wives Girls Night Out. 

Tonight, I’m meeting the Mountain Lake PW’s for dinner.  I love those ladies.  We share the common bond of ministry and it unites us.  We understand the high’s and low’s of leadership and the burdens our families bear.  We also share a common bond of faith.  Our faith is not just something we do… defines us.   

But, ministry is not the only thing we’ll chat about.  We’ll laugh and catch up on life.  We’ll probably give each other advice on everything from fashion to feeding schedules.  And, we’ll chat a bit about a book we’ve been reading together.  And, we’ll eat something yummy and probably sit at the table entirely too long (yes, I’ll tip a little extra :))   For us, sitting around a restaurant table for a couple of hours leads to deeper friendship and tighter bonds.

What about you?  What fun things do you do with your friends?  Are you table-sitters like us, or do you do something else, like go to the movies, take in a sporting event, or (my summertime fav) sit poolside?  I’m always up for new, fun ideas, so it’s your turn.  What do you like to do with friends?


3 thoughts on “PWGNO

  1. Amber Shelton says:

    When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, my girlfriends came to my home and prayed for me. Then we got pedicures together followed by eating at Rice and all trying something new! Then we just sat and talked…so great! Hope you gals have a blast!


  2. How FUN! We are table sitters as well. There is a group of us that meets monthly to catch up and encourage one another. I thought about shaking things up and going bowling. I think we are all so exhausted that we might not have the energy to bowl lol. Enjoy your GNO. 🙂


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