My Big Debut

A few months ago, I received a surprising phone call.  The editor of Up In Cumming, a local magazine, was interested in contracting me for a few articles.  I read UIC each month, so I was completely honored.  More than that, as I listened to Stephanie explain her vision for the magazine, I was eager to partner with her.  She wanted someone to write articles from a Christian perspective without being too preachy, and since that’s basically what my family does for a living, it sounded like something right up this church planter’s alley.  I hope you’ll check out this month’s issue.  And, if you’re a local friend, one should be in your mailbox.

By the way, if you are a Mountain Lake lady, we’ll be talking in depth about the same subject as my article this Thursday at Girlfriends.  Register here!


6 thoughts on “My Big Debut

  1. Pam says:

    I am so happy for you! I’m going to make Alyson share her copy with me!!! Remember the times we talked about you writing while you and I were standing in the driveway? I’m gonna be the one that gets to say, “Tricia Lovejoy? I knew her when…”

    I’m so proud!!
    Love you!!!


    • Oh, Pam, I totally forgot about those talks! Wow. I can honestly say I’m enjoying every minute of writing this blog, and now writing for UIC. God has been gracious and given me opportunities to write for other blogs, too. I am so fulfilled doing it. Thanks for always being a source of encouragement for me…’ll never know how much I love you.


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