Sunday Summaries: This Is Only A Test Wk 1

This weekend, my hubby kicked off a new message series, and let me just say it was perspective-shifting. How? Well, his message opened our eyes to the truth that our daily choices reveal our trust – or lack thereof – in God. Sound heavy? Not really. Think about it. It’s actually pretty simple.

Do you believe that God’s way of doing things – all the commands and instructions He laid out for us in Scripture – is the best way? Really? For instance, do you believe we should forgive those who have wronged us? If we say we do, then choosing to harbor resentment or bitterness toward someone simply reveals our lack of trust that living God’s way – forgiving others – is best. Our actions declare that we believe it is best to make someone pay for their mistakes.

Look at another example. Do you believe that Christians should only marry other Christians? Do you take God at His Word that He knows best in this area? Or, do you choose to date – or did you marry – someone who is not a believer? After all, you can’t wait forever, right? And, that guy/girl is hot….and treats you so well. That may be true, but your choices in this area reveal your trust in God…..your trust in God’s way of doing things.

Or, what about our finances? Do we really trust God with that whole tithing thing? Do we actually believe that we ought to give God at least 10%? Ahhh, statistics bear out that we don’t. If we did, believers would give generously and cheerfully to their Heavenly Father through the local church. But, our choice to spend our money in other ways reveals our lack of trust in God and His way of living. Why is it that we would never miss a house payment or fail to buy groceries, but we’ll withhold what belongs to God? I’ll tell you why. We don’t trust God. We don’t take Him at His word that He’ll honor those who honor Him.

You see, each of these situations represent a choice we must make – choose God’s way or our way. These are tests – trust tests. Do you want to know how to pass the test? Align yourself with Scripture.

If God commands it, do it.

If God prohibits it, avoid it at all costs.

Why? Because His ways is always best. His way leads to life. His way prevents dire relational, physical, emotional, and spiritual consequences. He knows infinitely more than we do. Trust Him. Trust His ways. He loves us more than we could possibly fathom and desires to protect and provide for us.

What do your choices reveal about your relationship with God? Do you have a trust issue? Let me challenge you to take God at His Word, and if you need some help getting started, listen to Shawn’s entire message here this week. This is one test you could pass with flying colors!

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