Sunday Summaries: Bulls-Eye Week 3

Yesterday, Mountain Laker’s were treated to a message from our newest Pastor, Adam Bishop.  Adam and his wife, Morgan, moved to Cumming to join our staff 6 weeks ago, and I am so pumped they are here.  Adam is gifted in many areas of leadership and has already added value to our Team.  Morgan is a jewel in her own right, and I can’t wait for the people of our church to get to know her.  I’m already planning some girl-time for the two of us to spend together – poolside, of course. 😉

Adam finished our Bulls-Eye series with a message on how to make wise decisions.  Remember, this message series has been geared towards men, but ladies can definitely relate.  I certainly did.  And, I laughed.  Turns out, Adam is pretty funny.  Woven into that humor were some challenging truths about how to make wise choices. 

Here was one statement that I had to chew on:

“Do you evaluate yourself on your actions or your intentions?”

Here’s another:

“Most bad decisions are the result of asking the wrong questions or tying to impress the wrong people.”

Intrigued? You ought to be.  Listen to the entire message here, and I promise you’ll have things to chew on, too.


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