Road Trip Down Memory Lane: Learning To Say Yes

highway_guardrailsIn honor of all the vacations and day trips many of us will take this summer, I thought I’d take us all on a road trip of my own.  A road trip down my own Memory Lane of verses that God has used in my life.  Don’t get me wrong – all Scripture is valuable and useful.  But, this week I’ve shared a few verses that are special to me.  I’ve told you why they’re special, what God taught me, and how they’ve changed my life.

Today, I’m wrapping up this series with a verse full of promise.

Would you agree that we live in a “me-centered” society?  “Take care of self” and “Look out for #1” are phrases we’ve all tossed around, right?  Sounds good in theory, but there’s one problem: it flies in the face of God’s way of living.  To model our lives after the example of Jesus, we  should serve, give, and love generously.  Not out of what we don’t have, but out of what we do have.

But, many of us feel as though we’ll be taken advantage of if we give and love generously.  We think we’ll have nothing left for ourselves or that we’ll be so physically or emotionally depleted, we won’t enjoy life.  Not true, my friends.  Check out the promise God makes in Proverbs:

Proverbs 11:25  “The generous will prosper.  Those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed.”

I found this verse while my husband and I were planting Mountain Lake Church.  We were using every ounce of our energy – physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual.  God didn’t add hours to my day or provide me with days at the spa, but He refreshed me.  As I served Him, I was more fulfilled than ever before.  He cemented His purpose in my heart and filled me with satisfaction.  Knowing that He was changing lives through my husband and me was honoring and exhilarating.  He gave me a supernatural refreshment.

Other times, He’s seen fit to refresh me in more tangible ways.  He’s refreshed me with healthy family relationships.  He’s refreshed me with unexpected surprises.  He’s refreshed me, at times, financially.  And, yes, He’s refreshed me often with much-needed rest and rejuvenation.

Here’s the lesson I’ve learned from Proverbs 11:25: Don’t protect your time.  Don’t guard it.  Give it all up to Jesus.  Use yourself up for Him.  He will refresh and protect you better than you ever could.

I know.  I’ve experienced it first-hand.



4 thoughts on “Road Trip Down Memory Lane: Learning To Say Yes

  1. Thanks, tricia! Great word, fit for me today, when im sooo tired from a crazy busy week! Thxs for the reminder, that He WiLL refresh me! Our time is His, and We work for the best employer in the Universe!


  2. I’m so glad I found your stroll down memory lane.
    We just planted in Phx and although it’s crazy exciting, it’s also exhausting. Our times of refreshment look so different than the worlds, but they sure are powerful! Thx.


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