Belong and Become Stories: Forgiveness and Healing

This week I’m sharing some stories….stories of life change.  Stories about God’s activity in people’s lives.  Stories that I get to hear often, but maybe you don’t.  Our Heavenly Father is actively at work changing hearts and lives, and I want you to know it!

Today, I want you to hear a story of forgiveness and healing.  Check it out:
I feel that God has put this push in my heart to share my story with you. Through MLC, God has shown me that the anger I had dwelling in my heart was slowly destroying me. I feel that I have been freed, and it is such a wonderful feeling.

Growing up, I lived in an abusive situation. I was always so scared to say anything and lived in constant fear and anger. When I grew older and moved away from the abuse, I developed anger at God. I would even scream the questions out loud. I would often ask, “If you are such a ‘great’ God, how could you let that happen to me? Or even happen at all?”

In the years before I found MLC, I bounced from church to church. Still angry, still looking for the answer, still listening for Him to speak to me. In the meantime, I was angry with people, with everybody. My anger was consuming me. I would often have “shotgun anger” when I would just blow up out of proportion to the situation and hurt everyone around me.

Then I came to MLC. Through MLC God spoke to me. I don’t remember which message series, I just remember hearing exactly what I needed to hear. I learned that man can choose to follow evil with his own free will. God does not make him do it, nor does he want him to do it.

I have learned that God loves me, and does not want me to hold anger. I am also working on forgiveness.  Through MLC, God is teaching me how to be a thriver, not just a survivor.

Thank you for all the hard work you and Shawn have done. I know that there are hundreds of stories like mine. That is the great part – I really feel God is moving and doing fantastic things here.

God is doing fantastic things around here.  This story is just one more example.  Are you dealing with seemingly insurmountable circumstances?  My God can rescue you from them….and from the emotions that go with them.  Turn to Him and find healing.


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