One Person’s Pain Is Another Person’s Gain

Life around the Lovejoy house has been a little exhausting the last few days.  If you read my post about my husband’s and daughter’s mission trip to Haiti, you’ll understand why.  Shawn and Hannah are tough, but the last few days have brought their challenges.  Hannah took the brunt of the injuries, and oh, how I wish I could take the pain from her.  This is not the summer she had planned.  Nevertheless, an update we received the other day has brought a smile to her face….and mine.

Do you remember the Haitian teen with appendicitis that I told you about?  Our mission team in Haiti hosted medical clinics as part of their work and discovered a 15-year-old girl whose appendix was about to burst.  While our team was trying to care for her, Shawn, Hannah, and 2 others were involved in the car wreck.  One of the ladies on the team sent me an update on the situation of the teen girl a few days ago.  Check it out in her words:

“I am blessed to be the “mom” on the mission trip and one of the nurses.  It is difficult sometimes to see God’s big picture, but in this instance many of us reached the same conclusion–the 15yr old that had been turned away for medical care from other Hospitals (her family could not afford surgery) was able to have a life saving surgery because of the accident.  The hospital that Shawn found to care for Hannah agreed the night of the accident to see and treat this very sick girl and do surgery if needed.  It really was a miracle.  God is good-Always!!”

I explained to Hannah that because she and her dad were determined to find medical care, another little girl’s life was saved.  Did God cause my family harm in order to save someone else?  I don’t think so.  Did He use a horrible circumstance for the good of someone else?  Absolutely.  Tears filled my eyes when I heard the update on the Haitian teen.  Pain for my family meant a life-saving surgery for someone else. 

 One person’s pain is another person’s gain. 

I absolutely wish my daughter and husband had never been in that wreck.  But, knowing someone’s life was saved as a result….well, that makes it a bit more bearable.  🙂

6 thoughts on “One Person’s Pain Is Another Person’s Gain

  1. Pam says:

    Tears running down my cheeks and prayers of thanksgiving to a God that shows Himself at the most painful and confusing times. God uses us and ALL of our circumstances for good when we let Him….so many times I think I’m in His way!

    This is such a good story with such a magnificent outcome!!! I wish I was with you to give you a big squeeze!!!!

    Now I’m really crying but I know you know that I am your crying friend so it’s all good!
    Love to all of you! Pam


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