Sunday Summaries: Joy Ride Week 3

I love Mountain Lake Church for lots of reasons.  God has forever tied my heart to this Body.  One of those reasons is near and dear to my heart:  MLC is a church planting church.  We are strategic and intentional about starting churches that will help people find their way to Jesus.  Hearing the stories that come out of these churches fuels my fire for ministry.  It’s one of the perks of being on the front lines of ministry – I get to hear stories of life change.  A lot.  It’s a good thing, too, because sometimes ministry can be tough, and I rely on those stories for encouragement and focus. 

This weekend, one of our church planters taught on behalf of my husband.  Ken and Kristi Joslin launched Life Church in Flowery Branch in August 2010, under the leadership of MLC.  We’ve prayed for them, funded them, mentored them, and loved them.  And, they have flourished.  Can I just say I have a holy pride for them?  Is that possible?  I hope so, because I do. 

Ken continued our Joy Ride message series based on the book of Philippians, and he told a personal story of a time in his life when he should have been ecstatically happy, but was empty and unfulfilled instead.  You see, Ken enjoyed great success in the business world, but in a quiet moment he realized he was chasing what the world offered, not what God intended for his life.  Have you ever experienced a moment like that?  Ken made a life altering decision after that.  He walked away from it all and dove head-long into church planting.  Now, his joy is complete.  Is life easy?  Nope.  Is he fulfilled?  Like never before. 

What about you?  Do you have joy?  Remember my definition of joy:  Knowing your purpose and being fulfilled living in the center of it. 

Are you pursuing your purpose?  Are you living in the center of it?   Watch Ken’s message here this week and enjoy the Joy Ride.


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