Armed and Dangerous

Last week, 150 of my friends descended on Nashville, TN for a Pastor’s wives retreat hosted by Leading and Loving It.  150 women who lead out in ministry.  150 women who bear the burdens of their church members.  150 women who have sacrificed financially and emotionally to serve the Body of Christ.  150 women who often don’t have a close friend in whom they can confide.  And, 150 women who rarely have an opportunity to get outside of the fishbowl they live in.  These sweet ladies let their hair down and relaxed with some fun events, but we also spent some intimate time together sharing hurts and challenges we face.  And, you know what?  We are better for it!  I think I can speak for all 150 of us when I say, we left refreshed and ready to tackle hell with a water gun.  We made new friends and invested into some old ones.  We got ideas for our ministries.  We stretched our vision of who we are and what we do.  Oh, it was good.  So good.  If you are a PW, I couldn’t more highly encourage you to connect with other ladies who are walking the same road as you are.  You, your ministry, and your marriage will benefit from it. 

PW’s aren’t the only ones who need to be refreshed.  As a matter of fact, we all do.  All of us need people in our lives that know the deep parts of our hearts.  All of us need a break from the routine of life.  All of us need to let our hair down and forget the demands of our lives for a little while.  All of us need to hear clearly from our Father and recharge our spiritual batteries. 

What does that look like for you?  A weekend prayer retreat?  A day off each month to get completely out of your routine?  A regularly scheduled lunch/coffee with a friend who you’ll allow into the private parts of your life?  Get creative!  Invite some friends to go along with you, and build some time into your life to recoup and refresh.


8 thoughts on “Armed and Dangerous

  1. thelucinator says:

    Tricia! Thank you and well said! Yes, I left refreshed and excited to meet new friends who understand this role and this call to ministry! So glad to have met you and ran with you on Mission Impossible! 🙂


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