Sunday Summaries: Joy Ride

Have you ever taken a joy ride?  I have.  Once in high school, a friend and I “borrowed” the keys of a guy friend of ours and took his prized car out for a spin….in a parking lot.  We didn’t go far, but we had a blast.  It was a corvette, and we totally thought we were super models in a famous music video.  The joy ride came to an abrupt halt when our friend stepped outside the church (of all places) to see us in all our glory.  We were laughing and our hair was flying (as much as it could in the 80’s).  He wasn’t amused.  Yep, our fun lasted about 5 minutes, but then we were in a heap of trouble.

Yesterday, my husband began a 4 week series on Philippians called Joy Ride, and here was one of his openers: The typical joy ride is fun but fleeting.  Don’t you agree?  We pursue moments of fun so we can be happy, but when the moment passes, we are left wanting.  Have you ever felt like your life wasn’t turning out like you expected?  Financially?  Professionally?  Relationally?  And, we are tempted to believe that if we get those things in order, then we’ll be happy.  If we make a little more money.  If we could find Mr. or Mrs. Right.  If we could have a little more time off.  If we had a personal chef and maid.  I digress.  But, if your experience is anything like mine, you can have any of those things and still face a unfulfilling life. 

Jesus wants to give us more than happiness.  He wants to give us joy – a constant sense of fulfillment and purpose. 

Joy is not a lack of problems.

Joy is not a lack of suffering.

Joy is not a stress free life.

Joy is not being in control.

Joy is knowing your purpose and being fulfilled living in the center of it.

Happiness is fleeting, but joy can carry us through the good AND difficult times of life.  That’s right.  Even in the storms of life, you CAN experience joy.  My hubby taught a refreshing message with some insightful parallels that I’d love for you to hear.  Click here to watch for yourself and maybe even help yourself take a joy ride.


3 thoughts on “Sunday Summaries: Joy Ride

  1. Tricia, great stuff!

    I am teaching my boys the character trait of joyfulness right now. “Maintaining a good attitude when bad things happen.” Helps them to get what joy is.

    Have a great week, my friend!


  2. I think many of us spend too much of our lives chasing artifical happiness. The idea of eternal purpose eludes us for too long. For me I had to release my ego and humbly beg God to enlighten me before I truly understood.
    Thank you for sharing


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