Girlfriends Review: May Makeovers

Girlfriends was in full swing yesterday at Mountain Lake Church  with “all things girly.”  Yep, we gave away not one, but two makeovers, and let me just tell you women LOVE to be pampered!  Our two winners loved every minute of the physical transformation!  Check out their before and after shots:

This first is Toby Jenkins. Wow, right?  Her husband couldn’t stop staring at her. (insert, “Awwww” here).

And, this is Kellie Kindberg, who I’m sure had a hot date with her hubby when this was over!

But, of course, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to draw some parallels between these physical transformations and the spiritual transformations God does on us.  So, we talked about the ultimate spiritual makeover that happens when we first meet God and become His child.  Thank goodness that’s not the only time that God sweeps in to change our hearts, though!  He doesn’t give us a new life in Christ and then leave us to our own devices.  Rather, He is constantly giving us “mini-makeovers” by changing the way we think about the people and the world around us.  For instance:

He’ll makeover your attitude to transform your marriage.

 He’ll makeover your desires to change your habits. 

 He’ll makeover your skills to accomplish His work. 

 He’ll makeover your heart to transform your friendships.

 He’ll makeover your heart to help you forgive those who’ve hurt you.

 He’ll makeover your mind to increase your integrity.

 He’ll makeover your eyes so you’ll see the needs of people around you.

 He’ll makeover your priorities so you’ll become God-centered, rather than self-centered.

 Sounds like a lot, I know.  But, none of this happens overnight.  It’s a process called life. 

Is God in the process of performing some mini-makeovers on you?  Trust me, we all need little updates along the way!  Be open and available to the changes God wants to make…’ll benefit from them more than you could ever imagine!


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