Spinning My Wheels

My life has been on overdrive for the last 10 days, and SharpenHer needed to take a back seat this week.  Today is no different with multiple appointments, but I couldn’t resist sharing a bit of God’s Word with you.  I hope it tweaks your thinking….and behavior.

John 6:63 “It is the Spirit who gives eternal life.  Human effort accomplishes nothing.  And the very words I have spoken to you are spirit and life.” 

As Believers, we all have a tendency to forget that our salvation comes from God alone, not from any works we do.  Yet, even knowing that truth doesn’t stop us from spinning our wheels to work for our salvation, does it?  In years past, I’ve been guilty of trying to be good enough, to serve enough, to give the right answers, to be kind enough,….whatever.  And, I usually felt more accepted by God when I was busy in ministry.  But, that was only a feeling; it wasn’t a reality.  His acceptance of me is based solely on the sacrifice of His Son.

TRUTH says human effort accomplishes nothing.  TRUTH says only God can give eternal life and acceptance.  I cannot earn it no matter how many good things I do.  It’s His to give, not mine to earn.

That’s freeing and convicting, all at once.

Is working for the Lord a good thing, then?  Absolutely!  God commands it.  As a matter of fact, our work for His Kingdom is crucial to His plan of salvation for a lost world.  But, we must remember that our work doesn’t make us more qualified for His love.  He loves us.  End Beginning of story.


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