Sunday Summaries: All You Need Is Love, Week 3

Yesterday was a big day around Mountain Lake.  We celebrated our annual Impact Offering Day – a day we come together as a church family to give our financial resources towards having greater impact in and through our church. 

Want to know our goals for this year?  Here you go:

1. Launch 2 Saturday night worship services (kicking off next Saturday!)

2. Take our children’s and family ministries to the next level, including launching ministries for special needs children.

3.  Enlarge our food pantry ministry.

4.  Help start 2 new churches.

5.  Send 100 people around the world in June for mission work, and send 300 total over the next year.

I love the our church so much.  Our people simply love the Lord and are willing to sacrifice to give other people the opportunity to experience what they’ve experienced.  How do I know that?  Well, past experience is often an indicator of future activity!  And, Mountain Lake’s past is stellar!  Over the last 12 months alone, we’ve advanced major ministries:

1.  Launched 2 new churches in Hall County, Revolution Church and Life Church.  Two healthy, growing ministries!

2.  Launched men’s and women’s ministries, reaching hundreds of people!

3.  Launched our Center for Marriage and Family

4.  Expanded our online ministry presence, including new Ipad/Ipod/Iphone/Android apps going live in just a few weeks.

5.  And, our food pantry ministry has fed over 200o people!

Yes, Mountain Lake has always been willing to give financially for greater impact.  So, before we gave our offering yesterday, we took time to simply remember all that God has done through our church.  And, to thank God for using us.  It’s quite an honor, isn’t it?  To be used by God.  To be counted as His partner.  Of all people, we most definitely have reason to be thankful! 

What about you?  If you are a Christ follower, have you expressed gratitude to God, lately?  Have you thanked Him for the blessings you enjoy, the ministry He has invited you to be part of, or the family He’s given you? 

I bet you have plenty to celebrate. 

Yesterday’s message will be available here this week, or you can listen to the podcast here.


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