Another Lovejoy Celebration!

This little cutie turns 8 today.  Before I had this precious little girl, I had suffered not one, but two miscarriages.  Let me tell you, the first one upset me, but the second one rocked my world.  I had never experienced such loss, sadness, or doubt.  Over the course of several months, I fought hard to overcome those emotions, but I know where my victory came from.  My Heavenly Father lovingly comforted me and changed my perspective on life and loss during that season.  He fought to win my faith and secure me under His protective arm.  More than just my body was healed….my heart and soul went through a massive reconstruction.  And, in the end, Madison Lynn Lovejoy was a sweet reward.

I gave her a name of honor.  Madison literally means “child of the Mighty Warrior.”  She certainly is.  Her Heavenly Warrior will fight battles on her behalf many times in her life, just as He has in mine.

Happy birthday, Madison.  I love you BIG!


6 thoughts on “Another Lovejoy Celebration!

  1. Oh Tricia, I can’t imagine the feeling of loss. My mom also suffered 2 miscarriages before she had me. I’m excited to one day meet my 2 siblings in heaven!!! Madison is a sweetie 🙂 What joy she must bring you everyday!

    Happy birthday sweet girl!


  2. Ally says:

    I love this post. Madison is so cute! She radiates cuteness! Its amazing the perspective you have on something that is so difficult…and what is really unfortunate is that some people never leave the sad place. I will pray for those moms tonight.


    • Ally, thanks! I remain convinced that the only reason I was able to leave that “sad place” is because God fought for me. I believe He fights for all of us when we endure difficulties. Here’s the key though: we must get to a place where we trust Him even when we don’t understand our circumstances. A change in perspective – healing – lies in learning to follow no matter what. I walked that road in this particular situation, and I believe my victory came because I stopped wallowing in pain and began seeking His perspective. I could feel God fighting to win my heart and mind again. When I spent time with Him, I felt relief, but as I would continue through my day, the pain would return. Satan was fighting, too. But, because I refused to give up, I kept seeking God and ultimately left that sad place! Praise God for pursuing me! (Wow, this could have been another post!). At any rate, yesterday, I had a lot to celebrate 🙂


  3. Farah says:

    LOVE her! REALLY great to see you the other day! Yes, it has taken me this long to get here and read…but loving this season of life. I am with you on the ‘reconstruction’ that has happened to us both. Trusting is so totally different and has a depth after the healing that couldn’t happen otherwise. Excited to watch them all frolicking around HIM one day! Oh, what they must be experiencing even now!


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