Sunday Summaries: All You Need Is Love

Yesterday Mountain Lake was honored to have Scott Williams teach for my husband.  Scott is a former Campus Pastor for and is set to release his first book, Church Diversity, this week.  You can also check out his blog, for some valuable leadership insights.  Scott also happens to be a great friend of ours.  Ok, enough bio stuff.  Let me tell you what he said yesterday!

Scott warned us all of the Great Omission.  No, I didn’t misspell that.  Scott reminded us that Jesus’ final words, which we commonly refer to as the Great Commission, commanded all of us to “go and tell” everyone about His saving grace.  But, here’s the warning:  don’t pick and choose who you tell.  Jesus explicitly instructed His followers to tell all nations….all people.  When we omit the “all nations” part, we change entirely what Jesus said, making it the Great Omission.  Scott challenged all of us in our thinking, but here were two of my favorite quotes:

“How can we take the Gospel around the world if we can’t worship with the people around the block?”  Who isn’t guilty of this, even just a little bit?  Isn’t it much easier to speak to strangers about God than to actually live out our faith among those closest to us?

Church diversity is not about the color of skin, but about the wages of sin.”  Everyone is in need of our loving Savior.  Everyone.  Black, white, Asian, tattooed, pierced, square, rich, poor.  All of us are loved by God.  Please don’t pick and choose who you think deserves to hear the Good News.

Do you need to stretch yourself in this area?  Maybe even repent of some wrong thinking or behavior?  Are there people in your sphere of influence that you need to “go and tell?”  Do you need to begin investing yourself into “all people?”  Do you need to learn to worship with your neighbor around the block?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, this message is for YOU!

Scott is an incredible follower of Jesus, an innovative thinker, and has a deep desire to see the Body of Christ – the church – be as diversified as it will one day be in Heaven.  Click here to listen to Scott’s message in its entirety this week.  You will certainly be blessed by what you hear.  Thanks, Scott, for helping us be all that Jesus intended!


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