My Problem

I have a problem. A workout problem. I don’t have the time. I don’t have the motivation. And, I don’t a plan.

Hi. My name is Tricia, and I haven’t worked out consistently in over a year.

(insert, “Hi, Tricia” here)

I guess it’s true: the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. Or, being slapped in the face that sleeveless shirt season is upon me. And, swimsuit season. And, since I basically live at the pool with my kids during the summer, I better face reality.

First, I had to make the time. Once I leave the house each day, my life is ON, so if I’m going to exercise, it better be before I leave. Hence, a new morning routine. Second, I needed to get motivated. I’ve learned in my spiritual life that sometimes we have to “behave” our way into new habits, so I’m not waiting until I “feel” like working out. And, finally, I needed a plan. So, I went shopping with Shawn and picked up Jillian’s latest workout, Ripped in 30. I’ve already knocked out days 1, 2, and 3, and that feels good.

I’m not the only Lovejoy in the “workout spirit”, either. The big man, himself, is tackling Insanity. I’ve heard great things about it, too, and Shawn is enjoying his after-work workouts.

You know what, though? I’m not new to this. I’ve just failed to make it a priority. In the past I’ve done everything from a Cindy Crawford workout (yes, I just said Cindy Crawford) to P90X. I’ve just gotten lazy. But, no more. I am on it!

So, what’s your workout method? The gym? A personal trainer? A video? And, do you make every move or do you modify? Maybe you just get thumb exercises on your remote while you lay on the couch. Let me hear from YOU. What do YOU do?

13 thoughts on “My Problem

  1. At the school I work at, we started a 6 week “FIT” contest and the person who has lost the most percentage wins $640! So I started scaling back to eating 1700 calories or less/day and walking 4 miles 5 times a week. The two week mark is coming up on Monday and I can already tell I have lost inches! Hopefully the pounds will follow but I am going to keep it up and try for that $$$!


  2. Janet Nelson says:

    I walk fast with my dogs most days, used to run and jog but my back and neck aren’t happy when I do that anymore! My hound dog Snicker pulls so hard that I get an arm workout too! πŸ™‚


  3. Sara says:

    I am 6 months pregnant with my 3rd and still work out! Usually at the gym and as soon as I found out I was pregnant I started meeting with a personal trainer, to help me with exercises I can do while pregnant!


  4. Kelly says:

    I work out at Mountain Lake Church at 5:15 in the morning as part of Boot Camp 360!! It is a GREAT and challenging workout…as well as a time of fun fellowship and prayer praising God for our health and strength! We would love for you all to join us!! πŸ™‚


  5. Noelle says:

    Exercise is a huge priority for me, honestly often it ranks to high. However, in order for me to stay motivated to exercise I sign up for races. If I sign up I will train.
    Good luck with your Jillian workouts. Keep us posted on how you like it. Do you have to do 30 days straight?


    • I can relate. When I get into exercising, I’m all in. When I’m out, though, I’m completely out! So, I’m back in. Yes, it’s a 30 day plan, but Jillian suggests only working out 5-6 days per week. Definitely taking 1 day off weekly.


  6. Tammy Brown says:

    Tricia, good for you! Exercise is so essential to not only your health & great looks:) BUT to your spiritual self as well. My husband Matt is a fitness/health guru of sorts (which is not fun for a sweet tooth like me:) BUT nonetheless~ we’ve found that we cannot emotionally handle our ministry lives without a healthy amount of exercise regularly to keep our minds calm, our bodies rejuvenated, and our emotions in balance. A few years back I experienced a tremendous amount of fatigue & stress, doctors wanted me to go on meds (of course) but good old hubby challenged me to start eating right and regularly exercising to first… 5 years later I work out with a trainer 3 times a week and do Jazzercise (yes Jazzercise:) 3 days a week. I too did not think I had the time but we all have time for what is most important to us. I’m a better wife, pastor’s wife, mommy, and friend because of it! Great start! I LOVE reading your blog~ I find myself wanting to just cut & paste it onto my own as we’re so alike I’m finding:) Too bad we don’t live closer. Loved meeting you at Radicalis! Blessings to you! Keep up the hard work with Jillian and it’ll pay off:)
    Blessings to you my friend~
    Tammy Brown


    • Tammy, can I just say I love you! I love connecting with you via cyber space and wish we lived closer, too. Hopefully, we’ll have another conference or retreat together soon. In the meantime, I’m praising God for our new friendship. πŸ™‚


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