Belong and Become Moments

At Mountain Lake, our mission is to allow God to create an environment where people can belong in healthy relationships with God and others and become more like Jesus each day. 

Ok, that can be a mouthful, so around here we simply refer to it as Belonging and Becoming. 

By these two factors we measure everything.  Are our members belonging and becoming through the ministries we offer?  Do our Sunday services assist people in belonging and becoming?  Are our volunteers growing in relationships because of their service?  Are people becoming more like Christ as we disciple them?  Do our Life_Groups help people bond together as they learn about God? 

Needless, to say, if a ministry or event doesn’t measure up to these standards, we don’t do it.  Simple really can be better.  But, my favorite part of belonging and becoming is not measuring the worth of ministries.  It’s listening to the actual life change stories of the people who call MLC home.  I love hearing how people have found God here and how they have changed their lives to honor Him.  I love hearing about the friendships that have been made.  I love hearing the stories of forgiveness, restitution, and encouragement.  I am energized by the stories of people surrendering their lives to Jesus.  I’m even more jazzed to hear how people are investing into others so they can know our Father, too. 

Has God changed your heart and life through MLC?  I’d love to hear your “belong and become” story. I may use it in an upcoming Girlfriends message!  Leave a comment or shoot me an email.  I’ll pray for you and praise our God for working in your life!

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