Free Velocity Conference!

The Velocity 2011 conference is online and FREE!! That’s right, free.  So, if you are part of a church planting team and you missed the conference or simply want to listen to the sessions again to soak up all that was taught, this post is for YOU!

Find out what our amazing speakers – Shawn Lovejoy, Chris Hodges, Matt Carter, Darrin Patrick, David Putman, Scott Williams, J.D. Greear, Alan Hirsch, Pete Wilson, and Larry Osborne – had to say.  Then, dive into some practical break-out sessions to get help with healthy church systems, developing leadership, and even wisdom for Pastor’s Wives (my favorite).

When you click the link, simply enter your info and then select “featured speaker media” and “best practices media.”   And, if you are a Pastor’s wife, be sure to listen to my break-out, “Best Practices for Pastor’s Wives.” In it, I share some practical insight every PW should hear.  Let me know your thoughts!

So, log on and listen up.  Your entire ministry could be altered by what you learn.  Click here to get started.



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