Sunday Summaries: Radiate

Welcome to Mountain Lake’s latest message series, Radiate.   Why is it called Radiate, you ask?  Well, radiate means to emit light and energy in a given direction, and that’s exactly what God asks each of His followers to do on His behalf. 

So, my husband posed the question, “What if we accomplish every goal we set for ourselves, but we completely miss God’s purpose for our lives?” 

In other words, what if we are emitting light and energy in the wrong direction?  What if the things we hold important don’t gain us favor with God?  What if we stand for ideals that hold no eternal value?  Have you ever wondered about that?  According to Scripture, I can say definitively that if we miss God’s will, we waste our lives.  That’s not my opinion.  That’s the Truth of Scripture.  If we spend our lives chasing the things of this world – our agenda, our goals, our ambitions, our definition of success – then we will certainly miss the very purpose of our lives.

So, what IS our purpose, you ask?  Well, that question is as old as time itself.  But, the answer has always been the same:  to know and serve our Creator, God.  It’s that simple.  We just complicate it when life gets in the way.  And, by life, I mean OUR agenda, OUR goals, OUR ambitions, and OUR definition of success. 

So, what is YOUR goal?  Who or what are YOU radiating?  We are all focusing energy in a given direction.  Let’s make sure we are focusing that energy on things of eternal worth!

You can watch the kick off of Radiate here this week or in the MLC archives after that.

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