Sunday Summaries: Modern Family, Modern Sex

Yesterday, MLC continued its message series called Modern Family by talking about a subject that relates to all of us.

Sex.  We all deal with it.  Some of us enjoy it.  Some of us fear it.  Some of us regret it.  All of us think about it.  And, in this modern world most of us have messed it up in some way. 

Well, that’s not quite accurate.  We didn’t just mess it up in this modern world.  Sexual sin has been around since the first book of the Bible.  For thousands of years, sexual sin has brought about consequences of broken relationships, shame, and guilt.  Not sex.  Sexual sin.  Let me be clear about the difference.  God created sex for a husband and wife to enjoy together, but He put some standards in place to protect us.  When we choose to deviate from those standards, we will face consequences that bring dysfunction into our lives.

Remember, dysfunction is not deviating from the norm.  Dysfunction is deviating from God’s best. 

So, my hubby openly and candidly talked about sexual choices that we make, God’s perspective on them, and why God’s way is best.  But, Shawn didn’t wag a finger at us.  He didn’t beat us over the head with guilt, and he certainly didn’t tell us that sex was wrong.  But, he did address some hot topics:

– Masturbation

– Porn

– Discretion

– Consequences of sexual sin (not pregnancy or disease, but emotional, relational, and spiritual harm that we face when we operate outside of God’s plan)

Interested in what Shawn had to say?  You can watch his message here today or in the MLC archives after this week. 

Do you need some adjustment in this area of your life?  Some healing?  Some grace?  Some boundaries?  God always has an answer….and His way is always best.  But, best of all His grace is always available.


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