Shawn’s Top 40

The big 4-0.  That’s right, my hubby turns 40 today.  There’s no one on earth I love more.  No one.  Shawn is my best friend and the great love of my life.  We also have 3 pretty cool kids who love him without measure.  So, I’m getting our kids involved in my post today.  They compiled 35 reasons they love their dad, and I completed the list with 5 of my own reasons.  So, without further adieu, we love you, Shawn because…

  1. You’re nice.
  2. You tuck us in bed every night.
  3. You laugh at America’s Home Videos with us.
  4. You love to wrestle.
  5. You love the tickle game.
  6. You love to play football with all of us.
  7. You bring us presents when you travel.
  8. You help us.
  9. You take us to the lake.
  10. You pray for us.
  11. You like to take us places.
  12. You fix our TV’s and headphones in the car – even when you’re frustrated.
  13. You love us.
  14. You taught us how to shoot a flip.
  15. You bring home good movies to watch.
  16. You’re kind.
  17. You’re cool.
  18. You know how to four wheel.
  19. You’re silly.
  20. You love God.
  21. You listen to loud music in the car with the windows rolled down.
  22. You never forget family night.
  23. You play playstation with us.
  24. You cook fix us breakfast.  Pop tarts are yummy.
  25. You play cool music in our carpool rides.
  26. You take us fishing.
  27. You take us to school in the mornings.
  28. You teach us how to make wise choices.
  29. You started the coolest church ever.
  30. You help other people.
  31. You play the guitar.
  32. You cheer for us.
  33. You take us on vacation.
  34. You love going out to eat.
  35. You’re the BEST DAD EVER!
  36. You plan every one of our dates.
  37. You slip your hand in mine whenever we’re together.
  38. You care about my happiness.
  39. You love God more than you love me.  That’s attractive.
  40. You have the absolute best character of any man I’ve ever met.  I’m so glad you chose to spend your life with me.

So, the celebration begins.  Why not join in the fun?  Leave a comment here, on Shawn’s Facebook or Twitter page, or on his blog, and wish him a great birthday!


4 thoughts on “Shawn’s Top 40

  1. Tammi Bramblett says:

    Happy Happy Birthday Shawn! The Bramblett Crew love you and are so happy you are aging so well. Otherwise we would have to rethink being seen in public with one so old! hahahaha!!! Have a fantastic day!
    Tammi, Kyle, Walker and Fysher


  2. Rachel McClure says:

    #42: you are an inspiring life group leader and friend
    #43: you say cool things like “good stuff” and “let’s unpack that” creating a “Lovejoy lexicon”
    #44: you make church fun and real

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Love, The McClures


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