Even God Has Secrets

Matthew 11:25: “Then Jesus prayed this prayer: O Father, Lord of Heaven and earth, thank You for hiding the truth from those who think themselves so wise and clever, and for revealing it to the childlike.”

Does this verse make anyone else uncomfortable?  It makes me a little nervous.  God actually reveals truth to some and hides it from those who think they are wise and clever.  That means, God has secrets He only shares with certain people.  Humble, teachable people.  Once again, I’m reminded that my attitude and perspective has a direct impact on my life.  You see, Jesus taught us that He shares His secrets with those who are willing to listen….to obey…..to change…..to follow…..to love God more than we love our own desires.

Do you want to know the heart of God?  Do you want to know His perspective on life?  Do you want His truth to be revealed to you?  I DO!  I don’t want my life to be without His truth.  So, I’m motivated to constantly pray for a humble, teachable heart. I want to know the secrets of God!

What about you?  Do you want to know God’s secret truths?  He absolutely longs to share them with you.  He wants share all of the riches of His kingdom with you.  It costs something though – your humility.  If you’ll humble yourself before Him, follow Him with child-like faith, and have a teachable heart, God will blow your mind with all He will share with you.

Yes, God has secrets.  Will He share them with you?




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