Pastors’ Wives, Let’s Chat!

In just 13 more days, Velocity 2011 will kickoff!  We’ll get to hear some inspiring messages to fuel our ministry fire, and we’ll sharpen our leadership skills in extremely practical break-out sessions, but my favorite part of the conference will be a Q&A session with Pastors’ Wives.

– Where do you find your close friendships?

– How can you invest into your staff?

– Where is the line between marriage and ministry?

– How do you respond to criticism regarding your husband, your church, or your ministry?

– How do you balance motherhood with the pressures of church planting?

Do YOU have a topic you’d like to chat about with some other PW’s?  Would you like to connect with some other women who do what you do?  Meet me at Velocity for a PW luncheon, and we’ll learn from one another.  Can’t make it to Velocity?  Drop me a comment and leave your questions.  I’ll answer them in an upcoming post.  Looking forward to connecting with you!


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