Girlfriends – I Have The Best Seat In The House

Mountain Lake’s women’s environment, Girlfriends, was in full swing yesterday!  Do you know what I love about our monthly gatherings?  I love watching the faces of the ladies.  From the stage, I have the advantage of seeing their expressions as they get excited over some giveaway or as they resonate with something that is said. 

Last month, I got so tickled as women were waving frantically to win books I was giving away.  Don’t we all lose our heads – even just a little – when we think we could win a prize?  I even caught a dear friend of mine looking under the seats to see if she could find “You’re A Winner” signs.  I think I have as much fun watching their reactions as they do winning the treats!  They let their guards down and have fun, which is a thrill for me to watch.

From my view from the stage, I can also see women who are connecting with God.  I can see the nods of their heads, the knowing looks they exchange with friends, and the moments they chose to write something down.  At moments while I’m speaking, I almost disengage from what I’m doing and marvel at how God chooses to move in hearts and lives.  My mouth is still speaking the words, but for a microsecond, my heart connects with those ladies.  I have the distinct honor of witnessing God at work in their lives. 

Then, the ladies share time together in small groups to talk on a more personal level.  Again, from my viewpoint, I see women bonding and praying and honestly sharing their lives with one another.  Nothing in ministry gives me greater joy than seeing God work in the lives of people.  Nothing.  I want everyone to experience my God and the friendship of His people. 

So, all that to say, I’m enjoying leading the ladies of MLC and watching them grow in friendship and faith.  I’ve got the best seat in the house. 


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