Saving Families, One Pastor At A Time

The countdown is on.  Velocity 2011 will be here on February 21 and 22 – just 3 weeks away!  Hundreds of church planting Pastors and their teams will converge on Mountain Lake Church’s campus for 2 days of learning about church growth, systems, leadership, and spiritual vitality.  I absolutely cannot wait to connect with these guys and their wives.  My husband and I care deeply about the success of each of their churches, but we care just as deeply about the success of their families.  The outside world may not realize it, but these men and women often burn the midnight oil to create welcoming environments, practical messages, and healthy teams.  So much time and energy is required to plant a church that many Pastors’ marriages suffer from lack of relational time together.  They become ministry partners instead of marriage partners.

That’s one reason we offer some break out sessions at Velocity 2011 to nurture the marriage/family dynamic.  The way we see it is if the Pastor and his wife falter, an entire church falters.  Check out a few of the sessions being offered:

Brian Bloye: “Creating Space For Life” – At the end of the day, do you feel like life has been squeezed out of you?  Does your schedule feel out of control?  Let’s explore some steps you can take to create margin for the important things in your life.

Justin and Trisha Davis: “Slow Fade: How A Church Planting Marriage Went From I Do to I’m Done” – Justin and Trisha returned to ministry in 2009 after a 4 year journey of restoration.  3 years after successfully planting their first church, Justin confessed to an affair with his wife’s best friend.  They were separated for 2 months and on the brink of divorce.  Over the next several months, the Davis’ found grace, love, and redemption for their hearts and their marriage.  In 2009, they founded RefineUs Ministries in hopes of changing the church by sharing their story of marriage, ministry, failure, and loss.  They are passionate about using their story to help church planters move toward a healthy marriage and family.

Sound interesting?  You bet it is.  No Pastor wants his family to suffer or become a “church planting casualty.” If you are coming to Velocity, sign up for these break out sessions.   Your family will thank you.  Register here and take advantage of the final week of the $99 deal.


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