Halfway to 80….

My hubby is turning 40 in just a few weeks on February 10th.  So, my stress begins.  I know he’ll be happy with whatever I gift I give him.  He’d probably be happy with just some quiet time together.  Nevertheless, I want to get him something fun….thoughtful…..helpful…..maybe even sentimental.  But, I promise you he’s so hard to buy for!  So, maybe you can help. 

What would you buy for the world’s greatest husband, father, and pastor on his 40th birthday? 


5 thoughts on “Halfway to 80….

  1. Bridgett says:

    I’m not sure what you should get him but I will suggest not saying he’s “halfway to 80”, lol.

    I know you will find the perfect gift. Love ya girl and hope you have a wonderful day!



  2. Tammi Bramblett says:

    What about a hardbound picture story book of your years together? Go back and scan in photos from Sanford till today. Or one that goes back to his baby pictures til today? I wouldn’t call Kyle sentimental but he loves the picture books I have created for him. Just an idea! I know you will pick something amazing!


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