Everything, Or The Right Things?

My hubby and I planted Mountain Lake Church 11 years ago.  Well, we launched weekly worship services 11 years ago, but we began “working the fields” in this town 12 years ago.  You see, for 8 months prior to our launch, we were so up to our elbows eyeballs in all the details of church planting that we barely came up for air. 

Getting to know people, joining civic groups, knocking on doors, administrative issues, staffing concerns, mailers, developing ministry strategy, advertising, payroll, recruiting volunteers, casting vision, establishing credibility, creating message series and children’s/student curriculum, ….and oh, yeah, throw in a few date nights to keep our marriage healthy.  Did I mention we had a 5 month old baby at the time? 

YIKES!  Life was overwhelming….all the time!

So many times in those early days I could have benefited from a mentor – someone who had gone before me and could relate to my experiences and offer wisdom.  I was simply learning my way forward, and I often learned the hard way. 

After we launched, life didn’t get easier.  A whole new set of demands, expectations, and needs arose.  My role as a Pastor’s Wife (PW) gave me the opportunity to influence, serve, and lead, and although my plate was full, I absolutely loved it. 

But, if I was going to be successful as a leader, I had to learn that I couldn’t do it all.  Oh, I could.  I’m sure I could.  And, I could do it all well.  (That’s my Type A personality talking.)  But, that wasn’t the point.  The point was I could do everything or I could do the right things.  And, as I’ve mentored other PW’s over the years, I’ve discovered that all leaders must learn this lesson at some point if they are going to be effective.   

At Velocity 2011, I’ll be speaking in a break-out session just for Pastor’s Wives – “Best Practices For Pastor’s Wives.”  It’s a complement to my husband’s session geared toward Pastors – “Best Practices for Church Planters”- but, they don’t have near as much fun as we do.  I’ll share the top 6 things I do as a PW to benefit my family, our ministry, and our church.  There are many areas in ministry that I could devote my time, but I’ve learned I can have the most impact if I focus on these 6.  Is your curiosity up?

If you are a church planting Pastor’s Wife, I would love to connect with you at Velocity 2011, on February 21-22.  I’d love to hear your stories and help you along the way.  You and your Team can register here.  The countdown is on….only 4 weeks to go.  Don’t miss it.  See you there!


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