4,015 Days of Life Change

On this day eleven years ago, Mountain Lake Church launched weekly worship services.  In a primary school.  That smelled like pizza and corn.  With no visible road frontage.  And, no guarantees.  Unless you count the one that God gave my husband and me:  “If you build it, they will come.”  No, wait, that was Kevin Costner’s guarantee.  Ours went more like,

“People need to know Me.  Get busy.” – God

That’s it.  Shawn and I decided early on in the church planting process whether 2 or 2000 showed up, we would teach them about Jesus and serve this community. We moved here (Cumming, Ga) in May 1999 to start this church, and we held our first worship service January 16, 2000. We didn’t know a single person in this city, but 11 years later we have thousands who call MLC home, and over 1300 baptisms! I have seen God restore marriages on the brink of divorce. I have seen Him heal relationships. I have watched atheists and agnostics turn their lives upside down and follow Jesus. I have seen how God has shown Himself to be very practical and relevant to people who thought He was anything but. God is real. And, He wants you to allow Him into your life, too. He is pursuing you – yes, even you.

Mountain Lake Church was created for people who are disconnected from Christ and the church for any number of reasons. Maybe you’ve never gone to church and don’t know what you’re missing. Maybe you don’t think God is relevant to today’s world, so you’ve checked out. Maybe you are completely turned off by some bad experience in a previous church. Here’s my challenge: don’t let misconceptions about God or bad experiences with people prevent you from knowing the One who created you.

After 11 years of watching God change lives and grab hearts, I’m more passionate than ever about the future of MLC.  This is the church God called my family to.  We don’t deserve the honor, but we humbly, delightfully accept the assignment.  Thank you, Jesus.  You give good gifts.


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