Belonging and Becoming

At Mountain Lake, we have a purpose and we live it out.  Literally.  Here it is:

To allow God to create an environment in which people can BELONG in healthy relationships with God and others and BECOME more like Jesus each day.

If you’ve spent any time at MLC, you know it’s true.  Around here, Belonging and Becoming happens each week.  I’ve watched people develop healthy, Godly relationships.  It inspires me each time I see a marriage bounce back from the brink of demise or Life_Group members caring for one another’s needs.  And, of course, each time people join volunteer teams, like Guest Services or mission trips, they are finding their place to “Belong” in the Body of Christ.

“Becoming” is no different.  As someone in leadership at MLC, I get a front row seat for this!  I could write volumes about people who have made Jesus the Leader of their lives because of the ministry of MLC.  They become a little more like Jesus each time they choose to live a life that pleases Him, go public through baptism, or submit their desires to Him.

Has God used MLC in YOUR life?  Do you BELONG and BECOME because of what you’ve learned here?  I want to hear from you!  Drop me a line and tell me your story. Mountain Lake’s anniversary is this Sunday.  Let’s celebrate what God has done over the last 11 years!


4 thoughts on “Belonging and Becoming

  1. I started attending Mountain Lake with my family as a freshman in high school. The year previous I lost two friends to a tragic accident and a health issue. I was having a really hard time processing the “why?” questions. I’ll be completely honest, I was not looking forward to a new church, new people, and new relationships. The first Sunday was interesting. We started attending MLC on the very first Sunday at NFHS. I had never been allowed to wear jeans to church. Ever. I felt like I was being some sort of rebel! (It took my dad almost a year to be comfortable wearing jeans at church.) I loved the service, and my parents and siblings felt the same. We belonged almost instantly. There were smiles, hand shakes, hugs, coffee, and Shawn’s message was more like a conversation instead of yelling. I learned about God, I was challenged, and I loved it. I started attending the high school worship service….and all 15 of us rocked it. Rodney Anderson will forever be someone I cherish. Just as I have grown, so has MLC. I have witnessed the high school group grow from 15 to hundreds, leadership from a small number, to large group of amazing men and women, and the church has embodied God’s hope-to love Him and others. My life wasn’t in shambles before MLC, and I was a Christian before MLC. But, I have learned more than I ever thought I could about myself, my community, and the God I serve. I’m thankful for Shawn and Tricia, Chad and Autumn. You all took a risk and followed God, and because of it I know Him better. 🙂


    • Brittany, thanks for sharing your story. We love you and your family dearly! Thanks for calling MLC home for so many years. I can’t wait to watch you raise your own family here, too. May God bless you, my friend!


  2. Jenny Owens says:

    Tricia, I can’t believe 11 years have gone by. My youngest, Briana, was just a brand new infant when we started attending MLC. Although I was raised in a Christian home and have attended church most of my life, I have learned more about loving and serving God and others in the past 11 years at MLC than in all the other 30+ years combined! I still treasure the time I had one-on-one with you when we did Operation Timothy. I was old enough to be your mother, but you taught me so much!!! Thank you for your dedication! Thank you for supporting Shawn in his ministry. You guys make a great team, and God is using both of you in a mighty way. I can’t wait to see what the next 11 years hold in store for MLC!


    • Jenny, I thoroughly enjoyed Operation Timothy with you, too. God was at work. Watching you, Brian, and the kids grow and learn and serve has been a blessing. Thank you for making MLC your home. I’m honored to partner with you guys in the journey! I loved reading your story!


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