Have You Ever Felt This Way?

Last Sunday, Mountain Lake was blessed to have Anthony Evans lead us in worship, along with our own incredible worship team.  Anthony is talented, no doubt.  He hits notes that just make me happy.  But, do you know his real talent?  That man can preach a sermon through his songs.  I’m not kidding.  He sang, “How He Love Us” so powerfully Sunday morning that I think we really could have closed out in prayer right then.  Oh, but I’m glad we didn’t because God used my husband to speak a powerful word, and then Anthony sang a song with lyrics so beautiful I simply had to share them with you.  Click here to listen.

On the outside
You think I’m alright
There’s a smile on my face
Everything’s okay
But on the inside there’s a different story
I’ve stumbled down this road
And I’ve got so for the go
I’m a broken man
On my knees again
Longing for a touch from you
I need your hand to

Restore me
I need your mercy
Take me
To the place I used to be
Use all the pain and the hurt
To do a greater work and
Restore me

I wore my mask
Running away from my past
Hiding all my scars
Thinking I’d gone too far
But he knew my pain
And He loved me just the same
He promised I’d be free
If I fell on my knees and cried


Restore unto me the joy of my salvation
So I’ll sing again the song you wrote for me
Give me a clean heart I want a brand new start
Like the moment when I first believed


If you have ever felt the weight of your sin or the burden of conviction, you’ll love this one.  Add it to your playlist.  Worship God through its words.  Be still before God, and let the words of this song speak for you. 

If you want, you can purchase Restore Me on Anthony’s 2004 CD, Even More, here.

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