Parent Power

Recently, I was talking with a friend about her struggles as a parent.  She was feeling frustrated, disappointed, and guilty all at the same time.  Every parent deals with these emotions at one time or another – EVERY parent.  A LOT.  We spent some time talking through the issues and devising helpful strategies success.  Here were a few:
1.  Try your best not to get pulled into the drama (these are Shawn’s words to me on a daily basis).  By that I mean, let your yes be yes and your no be no.  Avoid the shouting matches and the desire to get your child to understand your point of view.  If necessary, develop a plan to delay talking about the situation until everyone has calmed down.  Thirty minutes can work wonders to reduce drama – for your child and YOU!

 2.  Remember, you are the parent.  That doesn’t mean you are a dictator.  But, it does mean you have the responsibility to be the mature one and to take advantage of teachable moments.  Don’t get so caught up in daily tasks that you forget that you are responsible for training your child. 

3.  Consistency is key.  Make clear expectations and stick to them. 

 4. I also find it incredibly helpful to periodically read parenting books that relate to my particular life stage.  Those insights make me a better parent.

What about you?  What’s your best parenting tip?  With our kids out of school over the Christmas break (and spending a lot of time underfoot), we ALL need to be sharpened in this area!


3 thoughts on “Parent Power

  1. Stephanie Mathis says:

    I have been reading a book called Parenting By the Book it is great. I tells you to parent the way they did back in the day. Try it out!


  2. Bridgett says:

    I have to say embarking on the “teen” world has brought all kinds of new struggles but the one thing that I feel good about is the ability to talk with my daughter about some BIG issues and the comfort level she has in telling me pretty much anything. Wow that is a gift that God has placed between us. If I can give any advice (I have no place to) it is don’t over react when they tell you something big, be patient and understand and give them sound advice on the situation. If they feel they can trust you they will come to you in times of need and BEFORE they make any big decisions. Allow them the space to talk about something that you may not be exteremly comfortable with and know that if you allow God to guide the situation you will have the right words.
    It is scary being the mom of an almost teenage daughter but I feel confident in our relationship and she has surprised me quiet a few times on how mature she has handled things with friends and she has placed God there not only for herself but for her friends to see.
    Trust them and trust yourself in the fact that you have guided them in the way they should go- they may just surprise you in a good way

    P.S. I have an amazing daughter – just sayin!


  3. Aimee says:

    I am a mom of two young boys (ages 6 and 2). They are the first boys in my family in 4 generations. God truly has a sense of humor giving this girly girl two strapping boys! 🙂 Needless to say, I am learning how to parent them daily. What I’ve learned over the past 6 years is that if you want to raise a boy into a Godly man, you must SHOW them by example. Boys are very black and white with no fluff. Monkey see, monkey do. My husband is a vital part in this process and we try to SHOW (not always successfully) what a kind, compassionate, respectful man and woman look like. Another tip: Stay on them! Boys are aggressive by nature. Unless you want them to run all over you, stay on them! CONSTANT guidance, patience, and discipline is necessary.


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