One of My Favorite Celebrations

On this day 12 years ago, my first child was born.  That’s right, Hannah’s birthday is slap-dab (remember, I have Alabama roots) in the middle of the Christmas season.  I literally brought her home from the hospital on Christmas day in 1998 – in a red stocking, thanks to the sweet nurses at our hospital. 

With all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it would be tempting to try to combine her birthday presents with all of her Christmas goodies, to forego a party since life is so busy in December, or miss out on a celebration because her friends are usually out-of-town this time of year.  But, oh no, not this mama.  There’s no way my sweet girl is getting the shaft.  So, we have always made sure our family sets aside December 23rd to be a day with no red and green, no Christmas paper, and instead, made the day all about Hannah – just like any other birthday!

Today, Shawn’s parents are coming in town to celebrate with us.  Hannah wants to go to Kani House for dinner, so I’m getting my taste buds warmed up.  In the meantime, we’ll open presents and maybe catch an early movie.  It’s her day, so she’ll choose.  And, in January when her friends are back in town, we’re all going roller skating.  Even me.  Maybe Shawn.  He sure talks like he can throw down in the rink. 

Whatever we choose to do, we will celebrate Hannah.  She’s worth it.  She’s become quite an exceptional person.  She’s given her life to the Lord, and she serves Him by leading in the Preschool area at MLC, 2BKidz.  She has an incredible work ethic and excels in school.  She loves her family with such a sincere heart – she’s like a second mom to her little brother and sister sometimes.  She’s a compassionate friend.  But, I will celebrate her most of all not for what she does, but for who she is.  She is loyal, honest, generous, kind, and soft-hearted.  God made something beautiful when He made Hannah Lovejoy.

For those of you with December birthdays, I hope you find a way to celebrate your special day, too.  God made you, He loves you, and He thinks you are worth celebrating!


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