Circle of Influence

Do you know who Lydia is?  Yeah, many people don’t.  Not much was written about her in Scripture.  Her story is found in the book of Acts, which tells us she was a business woman who sold purple.  That alone piques my interest since that is one of my favorite colors this season, as displayed in my blog profile picture. 🙂  But, there’s more to Lydia’s story than that.  Although the Bible doesn’t give us the details of her life, one sentence about her gave me food for thought.  I hope it does the same for you.

You see, Lydia was one of Paul’s converts to Christianity.  He preached the Gospel and she couldn’t wait to respond! Act 16:15 says, “She was baptized along with other members of her household…” When Lydia was transformed, it affected more than her. She influenced those around her to know Jesus, too!

Do you feel like you have influence? For years, I didn’t “feel” like I did. I mean, I was just regular ol’ Tricia. What did I have to offer? But, God showed me that it wasn’t what I had to offer, but it’s what He could offer through me. What I mean is this: all the lessons He taught me in my personal time with Him, all the lessons I was learning about leadership through my time as a church planter, and even all the heartache I faced wasn’t just for me.  God wanted me to share all of that with the people around me – my family, my Life_Group, my friends, the Pastor wives I mentor, and yes, even YOU!  I have people in my sphere of influence that I can point toward deeper relationships with God. I often wonder if one day God is going to ask me what I did with that influence? Did I squander it or use it to help people know God better?

And, you know what?  I don’t have to get on a big stage and preach to thousands to share my influence!  I can be very proactive in my daily relationships to take advantage of teachable moments.  I can season all of my conversations with words that edify and build up rather than tear down.  It’s one of the reasons I began this blog – I simply wanted to connect with you, challenge your spiritual growth, and be your friend!  I can find ways to encourage and disciple….and, so can you!  All of you have people you influence – children, students, co-workers and colleagues, families, and friends. God has YOU in a position to influence others. What are you doing with it?  Lydia had influence over a group of people, too, and she pointed them to Jesus.

Who are those people within your circle of influence? What are you doing to influence them toward deeper relationships with God?


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