Refreshing Reminders: The Power of a Wife Who Remembers

Today, I’m continuing a series of Refreshing Reminders for all of us wives.  For the last few weeks, I’ve shared some of Pastor Steven Furtick’s words to a group of 17 Pastor’s wives at a retreat hosted by my friend Holly Furtick. His words are relevant not just for wives of men in ministry, but for every married woman.  The title of his talk?  “What Your Husband Needs.” Let’s dive in.

“Your Husbands Needs You To Remind Him Of God’s Past Faithfulness.”

Have you ever read through one of your old journals, some old letters, or old sermon notes and been transported back to a time when God was so real, so evident, so practical in your life that you were inspired to love Him better?  Walking down memory lane can have that effect sometimes.  Life can become so busy, so hectic, so full of details that we tend to forget how faithful and powerful our God is.  We tend to allow our circumstances to dictate our faith, or lack thereof!  But, those old journals or notes help us remember that God is faithful and good.  And, THAT increases our faith to face life today.

Our husbands are no different than we are.  They, too, get caught up in the busyness of life, and tend to forget how big our God is.  Pressures, demands, and deadlines loom over them, and they can be overwhelmed trying to measure up, maybe even doubting God’s ability to see them through.

Could God use you to remind your husband of God’s past faithfulness in his life?  ABSOLUTELY!  Who knows your hubby better than you?  Who has first hand experience of God’s activity in your man’s life?  YOU DO!  Who on Earth does your husband trust more than you?  No one.  YOU hold the power to influence your husband to stand strong in his faith during trying circumstances by reminding Him of all that God has done in the past.

So, let’s get practical with this challenge.  Here are a few ideas:

Write down some of the way God has been faithful in your life as a couple.  Maybe even make a family journal, of sorts.

Make a point of thanking God specifically for what He has done in your family prayers.

With the holidays coming up, Christmas is a BRILLIANT time to sit under the tree as a family and talk about all the ways God has shown His love for you.

We all face trying times.  We all experience moments of doubt when it comes to faith.  But, when we remember what God has done in the past, we have more faith to trust Him in the present.  Thankfully, marriage is a partnership, and we have someone to catch us when we fall.  Catch your hubby!  He’ll be better for it.


4 thoughts on “Refreshing Reminders: The Power of a Wife Who Remembers

  1. Megan Copeland says:

    Thanks for doing this blog! So inspiring! I know you don’t consider yourself any different than any other woman of faith, but I love reading this. I relate it to seeing what the most popular celebrity is up to! :o)


  2. That cracked me up. Here’s what I’m up to today: wrapping flower pens to be used at GIRLFRIENDS tomorrow and doing a little message prep for the event. Oh, and of course, watching the View. There’s a little pastor’s wife confession for ya!


  3. Megan Copeland says:

    Love it! My 95 year old great grandmother makes flower pens all the time! She has donated them to different organizations fundraisers and some were also sent to female members of our military who are deployed. She lives in an assisted living facility in south Georgia and is always making sure I have a stock to give out to customers at the bank I work at.

    And about your day! That sounds awesome! So wish I could come to GIRLFRIENDS, but I live and work full time in Dahlonega 😦 I’m sure it was awesome. Can we expect blog posts about what you spoke about for those of us who couldn’t come?


    • Meagan, somehow I missed this last comment! So, I’m sorry for the delayed response. Yep, you can always depend on a Girlfriends recap the day after our gatherings! Your grandmother sounds like a great lady 🙂


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