Refreshing Reminders: The Power of an Encouraging Wife

Today, I’m continuing a series of Refreshing Reminders for all of us wives.  Last week, I shared a bit of Pastor Steven Furtick’s words to a group of 17 Pastor’s wives at a retreat hosted by my friend Holly Furtick.  His words are relevant not just for wives of men in ministry, but for every married woman.  The title of his talk?  “What Your Husband Needs.” Let’s dive in.

Your Husband Needs You To Encourage Him.

Have you ever stopped to think about what your husband faces in a typical day?  No matter what his job is, he deals with demands, pressures, and probably a competitive drive that pushes him to constantly be better, do more, or measure up to some standard.  In the midst of those demands and pressures from his career, he might even deal with pressures he places on himself to provide for his family, to be the dad he ought to be, or to keep his wife happy.  I know sometimes our husbands seem like their minds are a million miles away, but I assure you all of these concerns weigh heavily on his heart ALL THE TIME.

Now, I’m not saying that you, as a woman, don’t face similar burdens.  You do.  But, Jesus taught that we should treat others the way we want to be treated and that the world would know that we were His disciples by the love we have for each other.  So, if encouragement and support would build YOU up, what would it do for your hubby?

More than anyone else around him, our husbands need to hear US say things like, “I’m with you no matter what.  I know you the best, and I love you the most.” They need us to keep them focused on living out God’s purpose for their lives, not on the voice of the naysayer’s.  Our encouragement means more to them than a thousand pats on the back by well-meaning friends.  We have a voice of power in our husband’s lives.  Let’s leverage that voice to build them up!

So, how can you encourage your hubby today?  Could you write a love letter?  Could you tell him how much he impresses you?  Could you thank for all he does to provide for your family?  Could you plan a celebration for one of his accomplishments?  The ideas are endless.  Your husband needs you to encourage him.  Don’t just sit there.  Get to it!


One thought on “Refreshing Reminders: The Power of an Encouraging Wife

  1. oneoftwogirls says:

    Thank you for the reminder! Gosh, it is hard to be encouraging and try to meet his needs all the time but I know how hard he works for our family and I can only imagine the weight he carries every single day!


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