Sunday Summary: Angels and Demons

Yesterday, my husband continued our message series at MLC called Angels and Demons, with some thought provoking teaching about angels.   Although it’s tempting to believe what Hollywood tells us about the paranormal, if we want to know the truth about the unseen spiritual world, all we need to do is crack open our Bible!

Scripture teaches that angels have very specific duties.  Check this out:

1.  Angels are messengers. They have the honor of being a liaison to humanity for God.  Often in Scripture we see angels telling people the inside scoop on the future.  They never spoke on their own accord; only what God told them to say.  So, when you hear of modern day angelic encounters, you should weigh it against Scripture.  If it contradicts the Word of God, it’s not from God!

2.  Heavenly angels are examples for us to imitate. How, you ask?  They honor and worship God.  They obey Him without reservation.  Their purpose is solely to please God.  That’s a fabulous model to follow.  Even Jesus (when He was teaching the disciples how they ought to pray) said this in the Lord’s prayer: “May Your (God’s) will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.” In Heaven, obedience to God is instantaneous.  Jesus was praying that believers on Earth would follow that example.  So, how are YOU doing in this area?

But, my favorite part of yesterday’s message was this point:

3.  Angels are our protectors. II kings 6: 16-17 is just one example, and it’s a great one!  Elisha prayed that his servant’s eyes would be open to see all the mighty angels that were protecting them from the surrounding enemy.  Even though they were invisible, the good guys outnumbered the bad guys!  Now that’s good news!  Just like the story in II Kings, it’s always easier for us to see the physical attack than to see our spiritual protection. We allow fear to cripple our faith, and then we crumble.  But, stand firm, believer!  God has an army protecting you!  Though we may not see it with our eyes, our God has our back!

You can listen to the entire message here.  And, stayed tuned for the kickoff of “Game Changers” beginning next Sunday at MLC.


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