So, yesterday my husband was dropping 2 of our kids, Madison and Paul, off at school when one of the teachers said, “You know, Paul keeps us cracked up all the time in class.”  Yeah, we know.  He’s does the same to us.  Countless times, I’ve had to turn away to hide a smile when he was in desperate need of correction.  He just says the funniest things.  Like the time he told me a joke and I said, “Buddy, you crack me up!”  Later in the day, I heard Paul tell his Dad:

Paul: “Dad, I told mommy a joke and I made her crap.”

Shawn: “What?”

Me: “WHAT?!”

Paul:  “Yeah, I crapped her up!”

Gotta love the Paul-ism’s! 🙂  Enjoy your weekend!


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