Pastor Appreciation Month

October was such a fun month for my family.  It was Pastor Appreciation Month, and the mailbox held treats for us most days: encouraging cards, letters expressing how my family had helped someone, and even a few gift card surprises (Shawn and I will be enjoying Starbucks on our date days!).  One Mountain Lake family even hosted a luncheon for our Ministry Team at their home.  Duck, beef tenderloin, roasted veggies, potatoes, salad with fennel infused vinaigrette, and my new favorite – blueberry, pomegranate tea. Here some of us are before we lost ourselves in all that yummy food:

I’m so thankful that some thoughtful person created Pastor Appreciation Month.  We felt so loved and valued and honored.  It’s amazing how much more you can handle or bear when you feel supported. Everyone should have a day when they are thanked for all they do and give!

So, who could you thank today?  Here are some ideas to get you started:

Stay-at-home moms, you could thank your hubby for being a partner with you enabling you to be home.

Thank your co-worker for help on a project.

Thank a friend for their consistent love.

Thank school teachers for the extra work they do for your kids.

Or, thank your kids for a good attitude (hey, positive reinforcement works!)

You’ll be amazed at the responses you’ll get!


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